Customer Care

The gold standard in customer support and service

The MiniBox+ Customer Care Program provides comprehensive training and support to facilitate complete PFT measurement success in your clinic. From easy to follow, structured learning to personalized, real-time technical support, customer satisfaction is our highest priority.


The MiniBox+ Customer Care Program includes:

  • Full factory warranty – for hardware and software.
  • MiniBox Academy – our AARC accredited e-learning program for independent, self-paced training for successful operation of the MiniBox+ as well as comprehensive PFT education. Eligible for 3 CEU’s.
  • Virtual training – for new staff, or refreshers for existing staff, by our service engineers.
  • Online refresher videos – on a variety of MiniBox+ functions and measurements. Available 24/7 on the Customer Portal.
  • Remote technical support – by our engineering team, who can log in and address your needs in real-time.
  • Free software upgrades – with new or expanded features and enhancements, provided upon release.
  • Free loaner devices – in the event that a unit needs to be serviced. Prevents downtime.