MiniBox Academy

MiniBox Academy – Free for all customers

Welcome to the MiniBox Academy – our innovative e-learning training and certification program.

MiniBox Academy is a mobile-friendly platform accessible on computers, tablets, and smart phones. It consists of a comprehensive set of modules for independent, self-paced training for you and your staff, to ensure successful operation of the MiniBox+. It also includes a trouble-shooting module.

We highly recommend that all staff members working with the MiniBox+ undergo training with the MiniBox Academy to ensure consistency in their skills, and to develop their expertise for producing accurate and reproducible results as well as a positive experience for the patients.

The following is a list of the 17 modules, ranging in duration from 10-45 minutes each.  Most modules include how-to videos and knowledge quizzes to reinforce key points. Upon completion of the entire set, each staff member will receive a Certificate of Completion.

        1. The Respiratory System
        2. Intro to PFT
        3. MiniBox Overview
        4. FVC Calibration
        5. DLCO Calibration
        6. Spiro Pre/Post
        7. SVC
        8. LVM
        9. DLCO
        10. MVV
        11. 6MWT
        12. FeNO (NiOX)
        13. Reports & Settings
        14. MiniBox FAQ
        15. Troubleshooting
        16. Provocation
        17. MiniBox -Install

Sign up for MiniBox Academy by sending an email to [email protected].
You will receive instructions how to set up your Password and Log In from [email protected].

MiniBox Academy is eligible for 3 CEU’s from the AARC.