MiniBox Academy

New! MiniBox Academy – Free for all customers

We are pleased to announce the launch of our innovative e-learning training and certification program called MiniBox Academy.

MiniBox Academy is a mobile-friendly platform accessible on computers, tablets, and smart phones. It consists of a comprehensive set of modules for independent, self-paced training for you and your staff, to ensure successful operation of the MiniBox+. It also includes a trouble-shooting module.

We highly recommend that all staff members working with the MiniBox+ undergo training with the MiniBox Academy to ensure consistency in their skills, and to develop their expertise for producing accurate and reproducible results as well as a great user experience for the patients.

The following is a list of the 17 modules, ranging in duration from 10-45 minutes each.  Most modules include how-to videos and knowledge quizzes to reinforce key points. Upon completion of the entire set, each staff member will receive a certificate of completion.

        1. The Respiratory System
        2. Intro to PFT
        3. MiniBox Overview
        4. FVC Calibration
        5. DLCO Calibration
        6. Spiro Pre/Post
        7. SVC
        8. LVM
        9. DLCO
        10. MVV
        11. 6MWT
        12. FeNO (NiOX)
        13. Reports & Settings
        14. MiniBox FAQ
        15. Troubleshooting
        16. Provocation
        17. MiniBox -Install

Sign up for MiniBox Academy by sending an email to the address next to the Lesson Plan that is best suited for your team. You will receive instructions how to set up your Password and Log In from [email protected].

For Basic Lesson plan – email: [email protected]

For Basic Lesson Plan with Provocation and NiOX – email: [email protected]

MiniBox Academy is not eligible for CEU’s.