Increase Revenue for your Clinic or Physician Practice

Increase Revenue for your Clinic or Physician Practice

Many Allergists and Pulmonologists perform spirometry in their office clinics.

They do a good job of diagnosing or managing their respiratory patients. However, spirometry only gives information about the functioning airways. Patients are then typically referred out to hospital-based pulmonary function labs for complete Pulmonary Function Testing (PFT) using a plethysmograph or other PFT device. Not only does this also “refer out” the complete PFT revenue, it also burdens the patient to make another appointment with another co-pay. Oftentimes this can take 4-6 weeks.

Furthermore, measurement of lung volumes and diffusion capacity provides important additional clinical information beyond what spirometry can provide. Information on hyperinflation, restriction, and gas exchange allow for complete assessment of the respiratory system, management of therapeutic interventions, and tracking of disease progression.

CPT codes for Pulmonary Function Testing (based on 2018 Physician Fee Schedule National Reimbursement)

CPT Code Description Average Reimbursement Spirometry Only (20 patients) Complete PFT (20 patients)
94010 Spirometry (FVC) $36.98
94060 Spirometry (Pre/Post FVC) $61.92 $61.92 $61.92
94726 Lung Volumes, plethysmography $56.16 $56.16
94729 Diffusion Capacity $55.80 $55.80
Total $1,238.40 $3,477.60

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