MiniBox+™ is a patented, first-of-its-kind, desktop device for complete Pulmonary Function Testing (PFT) in the point of care setting.  In addition to being gasless and cabinless, accurate Lung Volume Measurements (LVM) can be taken with less than 2 minutes of tidal breathing.


Fully Compliant with ATS/ERS Guidelines

Complete set of 30+ parameters including FEV1, FVC, SVC, MVV

Lung Volumes

Same volumes as body plethysmography including TLC, FRC, RV

Diffusing Capacity


Fully Automatic LVM and DLCO

Easy to operate by anyone on your medical office staff

Accurate & Repeatable

Automatically generated results minimize technician bias

Full Selection of Predicted Equations

Based on wide range of ethnicities

Pediatric Use

Children from age 5 can be measured

Multi-Language Capabilities

For multi-cultural locations

Single Breath Method (DLCO)

The gold standard for Diffusion Testing

Worldwide Technical Support

Including easy software upgrades

Minimal Downtime

Replacement device provided promptly

ROI Within Months

With measurement of only 2 to 5 patients daily

Also available in MiniBox configuration for Spirometry and LVM only.

MiniBox+ Cart

Dedicated MiniBox+ Cart for Complete Mobility
Lightweight with Small Footprint

Weight: 10kg / 22lb
Dimensions: 510x470x310mm / 20×18.5×12 inch


MiniBox+ is so lightweight that it can easily be moved between clinic rooms, offering maximum utilization within an office practice or hospital clinic.


​For complete mobility, a dedicated MiniBox+ cart provides a workstation on wheels, including compartments for a gas cylinder, printer, and spare filters.

CPT Codes for MiniBox+ Test Measurements (USA)

94010 Forced vital capacity – breathing capacity test
94060 Pre vs. Post bronchodilator – breathing capacity test
94729 Diffusing Capacity
94200 Maximum breathing capacity
94726 Total lung capacity – determination of lung volume/plethysmography
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