Clinical Data

Across a large, diverse population of healthy, obstructive and restrictive patients, the MiniBox provided accurate results in measuring TLC in comparison to market leading Body Plethysmography providers (TLC Pleth).

Multi-center study

434 subjects

6 leading medical centers

Compared with 3 different Body Box devices

All ages, respiratory disorders, genders, severities, lung volumes

Multi-center study

High correlation vs. Body Box

[Coefficient of Variation (CV) of 9.9%]

All Subjects, N=434

Oral Presentation at ERS 2013. Poster at ATS 2014.

MiniBox™ lung volume measurement closely matches body plethysmography measurements

Comparison to helium dilution and CT imaging4

PulmOne, N=134

Pleth vs. MiniBox

O’Donnell et al., N=149

Pleth vs. CT

Pleth vs. He

4O’Donnell, Bankier, Stiebellehner, Reilly, Brown and Loring, Chest 2010; 137; 1108-1115.

MiniBox™ provides reproducible results for confident interpretation

MiniBox 30-Day TLC Repeatability

Pleth 30-Day TLC Repeatability

Oral Presentation at ERS 2013. Poster at ATS 2014.