PulmOne Challenges the Traditional PFT Devices

PulmOne Challenges the Traditional PFT Devices

Surprisingly, many Pulmonary Function Testing (PFT) devices still use technologies created 20, 30, and even 40 years ago.

Just three years ago, PulmOne introduced the MiniBox+, a new PFT machine that’s both innovative and budget-conscious. Since then, this new PFT device manufacturer is making waves among Allergists and Pulmonologists interested in newer technologies that help provide the best possible patient care, while growing their practice.

The MiniBox+: The way PFT is done in 2019

The MiniBox+ is a portable, complete PFT device that is both patient- and technologist-friendly.

Its reliability, plus lower cost and space requirements compared to a body plethysmograph, makes the MiniBox+ a preferred complete pulmonary function testing system for both office practices and hospital clinics. It has the ability to perform Spirometry, Lung Volume measurement, and DLCO. All measurements can be performed pre- and post-bronchodilator.

Using only a single tank of gas for diffusion measurements, the MiniBox+ is easy to operate and maintain, minimizing the number of cables, cords, and hoses, and giving the device a clean and sophisticated look. It also incorporates intuitive touch-screen software allowing for technologists to learn and master the device in a matter of hours.

With a typical return on investment of just 4 months*, the MiniBox+ is ideal for providing additional patient testing services, increasing your office/clinic revenue, and giving you more measured data to manage your patients.

*based on complete PFT testing of 3 patients/day on average and CMS 2019 physician fee schedule

Expand your practice today with the MiniBox+.