If you’re a Pulmonologist, you know that body plethysmography has been considered the gold standard for complete PFTs for a while. You also know that testing can be a long and arduous process for patients. Repeated panting maneuvers are exhausting. Sitting in a chamber can be claustrophobic. In addition, equipment maintenance is costly.

The MiniBox+ offers spirometry, lung volumes, and DLCO in a compact, portable, cabinless plethysmography device. Measurements have been proven equivalent to the body box1.

Testing is quick, easy to perform for both you and the patient, and easy to interpret, with automatically generated results. And… maintenance costs are minimal.

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1Berger KI, Adam O, Dal Negro RW, Kaminsky DA, et al. Validation of a novel compact system for the measurement of lung volumes. Chest, 02 Feb 2021, DOI: 10.1016/j.chest.2021.01.052.