Reduce Testing Time for Complete PFT

Reduce Testing Time for Complete PFT

Measurement of Spirometry, Lung Volumes, and Diffusion typically require a 1-hour testing block. This allows for 6-8 complete pulmonary function tests in a given day, with much of the hour used for explaining the measurements to the patient, required wait-time between efforts, or allowing the patient to rest.

PulmOne’s MiniBox+ is an innovative system that significantly reduces the amount of time needed for complete Pulmonary Function Testing (PFT). Using a sophisticated lung volume measurement (LVM) method, and streamlining data collection for spirometry and diffusion through intuitive touch-screen software, complete PFT can now be performed in half the time.

The MiniBox+ makes everything easier

The time requirements and difficulties of coaching patients using LVM, such as gas dilution or body plethysmography, are well known. Nitrogen washout can last up to 7 minutes and requires a minimum 15-minute wait period between efforts. Body plethysmography requires controlled panting against a closed valve for 4-7 seconds, it may require multiple efforts and coaching to get the required depth and frequency of such efforts correct, and of course, it requires patients to climb into and sit inside a closed cabin.

With the MiniBox+, patients only need to perform tidal breathing, during which several ~100 millisecond interruptions occur during inspiration. This mouth pressure data and its effect on the 15-liter internal box with known volume and pressure is combined into a data model and algorithm to determine thoracic gas volume. After six successful automatic interruptions, the patient performs a slow vital capacity to complete the measurement. The entire effort takes ~90 seconds to complete. No cabin to fit into and no gas to re-breathe.

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